Sunday Sun “We Let Go”

Sunday Sun

Sunday Sun has been a past favorite of ours with an amazing 3 EPs in 2012. Finally the band has a full LP and it does not disappoint. Right out of the gate, “I Call You Honey” is a dance inducing song that bursts with big brass, guitars and pounding drumbeat, rhythmically like Katrina and The Waves “Walkin’ On Sunshine” but breaks with those 3-part harmonies before the chorus. My favorite track, “Come On Down” follows – a bouncing melody that lifts your spirit from the opening chorus. As the band sings “This is a wake-up call from someone who loves you…,”  its exactly what makes Sunday Sun such a pop powerhouse.

“Sunday Morning” is another memorable song with myriad of styles, that prevent predictability. Each song just works, from the complex rhythm patterns of “Simple Song” to the angelic harmonies on “Frank Jr.” This this the type of modern music that shows where the genre is going. Without a single  wasted note the band showcases its considerable skills in songwriting and emotional delivery without sticking to a single “style,” for example you’ll get a distorted guitar solo break on the smooth harmony drenched ballad “Sun.” In fact the constant here is the Beach Boys like perfection of the vocal performances. A “must-get” album that makes my top album list for 2014.
power pop