Free Music Monday: Tommy Lorente and Fallon Cush

Tommy Lorente

Tommy Lorente “Amanita Sessions (Live)”

French power pop dynamo Tommy Lorente gives us live selections from his album A Cruel Lack of Tenderness (Un Cruel Manque de Tendresse). Recorded in November during a private concert at studio Amanita in Anglet with his band La Cavalerie. His signature tune “Katerine” is first, and even if you don’t understand French you’ll enjoy the bright melodies. Get it on Bandcamp for FREE!

Fallon Cush

Fallon Cush “Tell Me Once”

Australian musician Steven Smith has released several orphan tracks from his band Fallon Cush into this FREE EP for you all as a New Years gift. Many of these songs go back as far as 1999, but sound really fresh. “Tell Me Once” is a really cool single and the loose production shows how far the band has progressed from its early days. Enjoy it on Bandcamp for FREE!