The Jeanies and One Like Son

The Jeanies

The Jeanies “The Jeanies”

The Jeanies are a Brooklyn four piece band that bring back the savory sound of 1970s power pop and succeed so well here, you’d swear this was a “lost” release from that era. Cut from the same cloth as Phil Seymour, The Raspberries, The Rubinoos and The Shoes the opener “I Seen Her Dance” is a catchy single that sets the stage for the album. Songwriter and lead vocalist Joey Farber has an earnest moving vocal and “I Think You’re The Wrong One” is another classic gem that deserves to be heard.

Farber’s solid riffs are joined by guitarist Jon Mann, as they spin a great muscle-chord analog sound on “The Girl’s Gonna Do.” You’ll also hear the influences of 50’s Doo Wop, R&B, and basement DIY style throughout the album. At times the production adds a bit too much echo (“Believe Me Jenny”) but that’s more a personal pet peeve. The lyrics all evoke the anticipation of meeting the perfect girl… until the next one comes along. It is fairly consistent,  hard charging rock with a mid-tempo pause on the love song “I’ll Warm You.” Fans of this particular vintage power pop should not miss this one. Highly Recommended.

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One Like Son

One Like Son “New American Gothic”

Last year this Montgomery, Alabama band released a mind bending song a week for 52 Weeks. This year lead singer-songwriter Stephen Poff has compiled his favorite 13 tracks from that project into New American Gothic, making his band’s work a lot easier to digest.

“New American Gothic” is a solid power melody resembling Cheap Trick, Goo Goo Dolls and Gin Blossoms with strong riffs about today’s modern family. “Nice Guys Finish Last” sows similar ground with a synth line running though the song. One of my favorites here is “Hero Down” with its epic power ballad chorus about the death of Superman, it builds with layers of piano and guitar reminding me of Queen. The band tries to go more punk pop on “’Til it’s Over,” but it really excels at melodic hard rock anthems like “Falling From My Arms.” The subjects eventually head out to space with a trio of rockers “Gravity,” “Interstellar” and the Star Wars tribute “A Galaxy Far Away.” You can imagine Darth Vader might have said of One Like Son,“The force is strong with this one.”
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