R. Stevie Moore, Jason Falkner and Matthew Shacallis


R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner “Make It Be” Limited Edition

This hidden LP was a real gem of a find only on Bandcamp. Prolific and iconic DIY musician R. Stevie Moore collaborates with Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, TV Eyes) on this 17 track mix of polished pop and artistic styles. “I H8 Ppl” is a true collaboration, with Jason’s hook filled guitar licks and Stevie’s vocals bringing it home. Being a Falkner album you get his unique melodic DNA in the musing “Another Day Slips Away” a brilliant mantra about the quick passage of time where we “Sleep, Eat, Love, Work and Play.” This fades into the dreamy psyche-pop of “I Love Us, We Love Me,” with its layered production and trippy vocal overdubs. This also being a R. Stevie project, you get plenty of experimental tracks like the instrumental “Gower” or poetry of “Prohibited Permissions.”

Jason’s melodic genius comes through on several tracks like “Sincero Amore” and “Play Myself Some Music.” Then “That’s Fine, What Time?” was a bit like a TV Eyes song. I also loved the thick Cheap Trick riffs on “I Am The Best For You” allow Stevie to yell along with a cacophony of guitars. But I was also totally drawn to the boogie of Stevie’s cover of Huey “Piano” Smith & the Clowns “Don’t You Just Know It” and listing to Stevie’s brainstorming ideas like “Falkner’s Walk.” The title is a smart play on the Beatles title, where you “make it” not “let it” happen. Highly Recommended.
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Matthew Shacallis

Matthew Shacallis “Reach The Stars” EP

Shacallis is from Sydney Australia, and his sound is pure power pop gold. “Summer Sun” and “Tell Me Girl” both have a sweet jangling melody and vocal style similar to Teenage Fanclub.  “Nothing To Show” is a bit rougher, like classic You Am I. “Do You Love Me” is a little more retro sounding, a little like The Animals but with a poppier sound. The title track is a slower acoustic guitar ballad, with some overdubbed harmonies, and overall its very well done debut. I look forward to more from Matthew!
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  1. I absolutely love this! Thanks lots for finding it and sharing. Thanks god we finally have some new Jason to listen to! Can’t stop listening to it.



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