The Satisfactors and Russell & The Wolf Choir

Late Cambrian

The Satisfactors “The Satisfactors”

A good old fashioned super group consisting of the best rock and roll veterans from New Jersey: Gar Francis (Mark Lindsday, The Doughboys), Kurt Reil (The Grip Weeds), Bruce Ferguson (The Easy Outs) and Kenny Aaronson (Billy Idol, Bob Dylan, Edgar Winter and Brian Setzer). These guys know hooks and riffs better than anyone and they do not disappoint here.

These pros rock the doors off starting with “She Got Charm,” and the fast-paced energy doesn’t let up for a second. “I Love Girls” is another guitar rocker that struts around without a whiff of subtlety, reminding me of Motley Crew or Kiss. Each song follows that path and its plenty of fun, “You’re So Crazy” is designed for couch jumping air-guitar performances! Plenty of highlights, not a weak track anywhere – even “Johnny Commando” uses The Ramones “hey-ho” chorus! The entire LP can be summed up with the lyrics of “Gimme My Rock and Roll,” as Bruce punctuates it – “Nuff Said!” The Satisfactors provide the perfect soundtrack for highway drive or a festive party. If I caught this LP earlier it would’ve easily hit my top ten list, fans of younger artists like Kurt Baker or The Connection shouldn’t miss it either.
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Russell and The Wolf Choir

Russell and The Wolf Choir “The Ivy Leaf Agreement” EP

Russell and the Wolf Choir is a band that combines country and indie pop. The songs are mostly about change after a loss, “I think I Need An Editor” boasts a unique percussive approach. “Closure” uses the steel pedal guitar for that country effect on this mellow song about the end of a relationship.

The highlight here comes on the storybook lyrics of “The Evening Wore On Part 1” about accepting the friendship of a former crush. The thumping beat of “This Fall I Think That You’re Riding For” is another great example of songwriting. What’s missing are some hooks to encourage repeat listens, but there is enough here to demand your attention. Fans of Death Cab for Cutie or Wilco may want to pick this one up.
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