Everet Almond and The Fraidies

Everet Almond

Everet Almond “Four Tracks” EP

Everet Almond is the drummer for one of our favorite bands, Evil Arrows. Everet proves he’s got major songwriting chops from behind his kit with this short EP. “Start Again” is a Lennonesque piano ballad that’s a real charmer and the steady guitar beat and melody of “Are You A Man?” is very much in the vein of Emmitt Rhodes. This little DIY gem is very much inspired by early 70’s folk rock style and recorded with an iphone. Maybe he should lobby Bryan for a song or two on the next Evil Arrows LP. Best of all, it’s a FREE Bandcamp download, so give yourself a treat and grab it!

power pop
Free Download on Bandcamp

The Statuettes

The Fraidies “Try Again”

Seattle-based indie/alt-rock outfit, The Fraidies, released a debut last year and now I’d be remiss if I didn’t review it. Produced by Gary Reynolds, the band crafts a perfect mix of power pop melodies and late 1990’s/early 2000’s alt-rock. The dual guitar riffs and infectious verse on the great opener “X’s On Your Eyes”  keep this song stuck in your head.

The happy tempos contrast the general misery of situation, concentrating on goofy lyrics on “You’ve Got A Brand New Calculator” to “cheer up” from the “same ole blues.” This theme continues on the alt country influenced  “The Powers That Be”  or the rock-synth combo “Never Love Again (It’s Doubtful)” with its catchy la-la chorus.  More highlights include the anthemic chorus of  “Your Mouth is a Radio” and “You’ve Got Nothing But Love.” It takes a sad turn with the long ballad “Gold Miner” but fans of The Lemonheads and Matthew Sweet are sure to love this band.

power pop
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