Los Breakdowns and Wits End

Los Breakdowns

Los Breakdowns “Rock and Roller Skates”

Nottingham, UK exports Los Breakdowns are heavy rock with a touch of glam punk, similar to The Jam, Thin Lizzy or Slade with sizzling riffs leading the way, like on the opener “UK Youth.”It also recalls the late 70’s power pop movement on “Rock City Limit,” or the slower rock ballad “It Ain’t Over.” We’ve reviewed their earlier album, and they’ve aged quite well.

Through the buzzsaw chords of “Sweet Pamela Jayne” and “Sometimes I Try To Hold On,” you’ll hear the longing and classic anthems that will stick with you. Not sure why the band added “Los” to replace the “The” in their name, my guess its some legal technicality. Either way this is a keeper. My favorite here is “Waiting On Perfection,” but everything sounds great. Highly Recommended.

power pop


Wits End

Wits End “Up To Here”

Longtime San Fernando Valley buddies singer/guitarist Tom Robinson and bassist Joe Peters, brought together by a shared love for the great tradition of guitar-based rock songwriting to create Wits End. Veterans of the indie club circuit, they carefully prepared and delivered a new album, Up To Here.

“Cold Exterior” is pretty traditional indie power pop, similar to Nick Heyward or The Gin Blossoms with a both classic and modern influences. “Darla’s Night To Shine” is an early standout painting a great character study. The shimmering guitar on “Face It” is along the lines of The Orange Peels, or early REM and Tom Robinson’s vocal carries the song well. The fuzz is turned up on “High On Prednisone,” but it didn’t seem to work with the melody. A much better job is done on “Is this for Real,” but few songs stuck with me at the albums mid-point. It does get better toward the end, highlights include “Time To Go” and my favorite song here “Validated.” Overall, a talented group that’s worth multiple listens.
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