Nick Piunti “Beyond The Static”

Nick Piunti

At last years Power Popaholic Fest, Nick Piunti was promoting his debut “13 in my Head” and played alongside the brilliant Chris Richards & The Subtractions. He hinted to me then that a sophomore release was in the works, and I waited with anticipation. Nick has upped the ante with this release, as “Beyond The Static” delivers the goods. Nick also had the studio filled with notable musicians: Chris Richards, Andy Reed (Legal Matters), Donny Brown, and Ryan Allen.

The power chords of “It’s A Trap” ring out a cautionary tale about that little voice in your head trying to prevent disaster, “Just as soon as you’re certain, there’s a lie behind the curtain” he sings out. Vocally Nick still reminds me of Paul Westerberg, but now with a bit of Mike Viola. That dark mood sung with those catchy hooks is personified on “Heart Stops Beating.” And another signature gem “Time Machine” warns about hanging onto the past, “Been there done that too many times” he tells us.  “Six Bands” is a memorable melody about rejection in the music business where “just because, doesn’t mean you should.” Each track shines, without a hint of filler. And at the album’s end, the love song “Quicksand” is another great composition that just won’t leave your head. Easily makes my top ten list for 2015. Don’t miss this one!

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