Dot Dash and The Doughboys

Dot Dash

Dot Dash “Earthquakes & Tidal Waves ”

We’ve followed Dot Dash for years now, and lead singer Terry Banks continues to perfect the melodic dense rock that combines Guided By Voices and The Clash in equal doses. With the legendary Mitch Easter producing you get short sweet power tracks like the anthems “The Winter of Discontent” and the catchy “Flowers” featuring new lead guitarist Steve Hansgen’s clean guitar riffs.

“Rainclouds” is one of the rare conventional rock tunes here, and “Satellite (Far Out)” boasts a dense atmospheric chorus and amazing guitar solo. The band then veers a little heavier with the “Walls Closing In”, but the melodic sense returns with “Transparent Disguise” “Thru the Dark” and “Semaphore.” It finally slows tempo a little for the ender “Sleep, Sleep.” Overall the band sounds great, a tight post-punk power pop that will appeal to indie rock enthusiasts of any age. Highly Recommended. If you order from Kool Kat Musik it includes a bonus CD of demos/live tracks.
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The Doughboys “Hot Beat Stew”

On the band’s fifth album, The Doughboys are still churning out that good ole R&B styled garage rock. And you can tell compared to earlier LPs that the rough barroom sound gets stripped down to it’s essence with minimal production, almost like listening to the band “live” in the studio. “Be My Baby” is a potential hit that sounds so effortless, because Mike Caruso, Gar Francis, Richie Heyman & Myke Scavone play so well together.

The band can still pump out those catchy anthems that sound like lost Rolling Stones classics, as “Shake It Loose” matches Mick and Kieth in their prime. Additional standouts include: “Don’t Come Crying To Me,” “Long Way Down,” “You Can’t Catch Me” and “For Your Love.” The band also explores an acoustic mid-tempo ballad with “Soho Girl” very much in the spirit of The Kinks. And the 3rd person story-song “Travelin’ Salesman” has a southern flavor with a distinctive Bo Diddley influence. You can’t go wrong with this tasty Stew.
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