The Corner Laughers “Matilda Effect”

The Corner Laughers

The Corner Laughers “Matilda Effect”

San Francisco sunshine pop band The Corner Laughers are back and lead singer Karla Kane continues to mesmerize us with her bright clear vocals. After lending her voice for the Agony Aunts album, she serves up this feminist concept LP. The album’s title, Matilda Effect, is a reference to the phenomenon of female scientists being overlooked in favor of their male colleagues.

With her cat-eye glasses and ukulele, Karla plays the sugar-voiced fairy on “Fairytale Tourist” asking to be treated with respect or “let me go.” Then “The Girl, America”, written by psych-pop fav Anton Barbeau is a jangling melody about sexism in radio. The tempo remains quick for “Octavia A” with a sweet McCartney styled bass line and a big highlight here is “Queen of the Meadow” about under credited astronomer Henrietta Leavitt.

Backed up by the combo of guitarist KC Bowman, Khoi Huynh on bass and Charlie Crabtree, on drums, the production is both polished and bouncy fun. Things slow a bit with the harmonizing march “Midsommar” and light lullaby “Lammas Land,” but pick up with the doo-wop rhythm on “Go Fly Your Kite.” Its both quirky and cheery pop that deserves more fans. Highly Recommended.
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