Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab and Gregory Pepper

Miracles of Modern Science

Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab “Coconut Summer Drop-In 432”

The Coconut Summer Drop-In 432 is brilliant parody-homage of The Beach Boys Party!, Smiley Smile, and Surf’s Up albums with ukuleles, bongos, casiotone keyboards, and gorgeous harmonies. Studio chatter and party atmosphere on the opener “Ready Steady Beach!” ring with authenticity.

Next the brilliant “Too Hot To Sleep” is a slow stoner theme with Spanish verses, and lovely Smiley weirdness. More gems include “She’s Crazy” and “Andiamo” which are catchy and fun. “High Inside (The Lost Frontier)” channels the song “Surf’s Up” perfectly. The album is peppered with atmospheric filler, but for Beach Boys fan this is a special treat. Highly Recommended.

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Gregory Pepper & His Problems

Gregory Pepper & His Problems “CHORUS! CHORUS! CHORUS!”

I love the honest emotion of this new Gregory Pepper LP. Like a mix of Ben Folds and Weezer, each song is a tightly constructed arrangement with a catchy melody. “Crush On You” is fuzz guitar anthem to teen hormones and the hilarious un-PC bitterness of “Smart Phones For Stupid People” and “I Wonder Whose Dick You Had To Suck” make it stand out (and tons of cursing helps).

The irony of “Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!” is that each song only has a single chorus and the music is so quick (most songs are under a minute and a half) it feels like fleshed-out demos. They Might Be Giants did this on “Fingertips” to comedic effect too, but I’d love to hear a second verse at least. Still — this is a sweet distraction worth getting into.