Book Review: The Death and Life of Mal Evans

Mal Evans

What if The Beatles never broke up and made a few more albums? Fellow blogger and author Peter Lee ( puts in print what Beatle fans have argued and guessed about since that fateful year 1970, when the world’s greatest band called it quits.  Peter’s  narrative is in first person from the point of view of  former Beatles assistant Mal Evans, who in 1976 died from a gunshot wound by police.

Lee magically transports Evans prior to the the band’s breakup at a critical point in John Lennon’s history.  This creates an alternate timeline where Evans stops the break-up and The Beatles continue to create great music beyond 1970. Its all meticulously researched and a blazing good read as you feel like you’re in the room with the John, Paul, George, Ringo and the select group of people who knew them well. Peter sets up these great fictional albums, made up of tracks the solo Beatles produced in the years after their partnership dissolved and lists them in his blog as well. An excellent book that’s a must read for Beatle fans and musical historians will enjoy too.


“Now and Then” is officially the last Beatle track that can ever be made, as it was part of the Lennon demos that included “Real Love” and “Free As A Bird.” Unfortunately the remaining 3 Beatles agreed to pass on it because of the sound quality, but producer Jeff Lynne and Paul McCartney indicated they might return to it someday.