Mooner and Jeremy Porter


Mooner “Masterpiece”

Who knew this Chicago band would knock its debut album out of the park? The aptly titled album starts out with a big guitar riff on “Shapeshifter,” with its crunchy + jangle thick rhythm section it impresses right away. Singer/songwriter Lee Ketch wrote the title track as a love letter to his wife and its got a hook in the chorus that lays into you and doesn’t let go — an instant classic. You’ll hear a distinct 70s classic rock influence throughout; Big Star, Warren Zevon, Raspberries and even a little Billy Joel. “Anytime” is another chiming gem, next we get a Tom Petty-like jam on the slow building “Dream.”

Honestly, each track is compelling and deserves repeat listens, as the fantastic “Why Don’t You Want To” has layered vocal, handclaps, and sweet key shifts. The band also has a great variety in the style of music from the somber Wilco-like “I’ll See You Again” to the hook-filled “Alison,” a song about a school boy crush. Easily in the running for my year end top ten list. Get it now!


Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Jeremy Porter and the Tucos “Above The Sweet Tea Line”

Detroit’s Jeremy Porter and the Tucos do a great job combining root rock and power pop across the entire 9 tracks on Above The Sweet Tea Line. “Josh” is a epic rocker about a childhood cat, feels like a mix of The Eagles and The Lemonheads.”Bottled Regrets” is a highly descriptive narrative about the dynamics of running a band, with a hot guitar solo in the break.

A catchy riff heads up “Elimination Round” and the slow shuffle of “Don’t Call Me Darlin’” is a alt. country gem of a duet with Jillian Rae. The energetic “Hey Kentucky” is another standout here, and even though the last few tracks don’t stick out as much, with the exception of the chorus to “Sounds Like Goodbye” there is more than enough here to make this LP highly recommended.