The Nines and The Reign

The Nines

The Nines “Circles In The Snow” EP and “Rare cuts and demos”

Steve Eggers of The Nines has been very busy this year, hot on the heels of his latest album Night Surfer and The Cassette Kids, we have a fresh EP. This is a continuation of The Nines heavier style on “Circles in the snow (tapes and transcripts Vol.1)” with Bill Majoros (The Foreign Films) supplying the growling guitar riffs. The big highlight here is “Someone Like You,” with a rich wall of layered guitar sound, horn accents, and smooth chord shifts. “Circles in the Snow” has a tinkling synth, and deep beat with a thick ‘80s vibe, and “Fire In The Disco” has the staccato guitar riffs similar to early XTC. Overall a very good collection of songs, this EP is the first in a series so be sure to look out for the next one.


A fascinating collection of bits and pieces from The Nines entire history. Some great music tends to get lost in the cracks, and “Don’t Worry Susan” is a standout right away. And “Is There Something I’m Missing” is a great example of how Eggers takes an ordinary melody and layer the elements to make something special. It’s also easy to see why some tracks didn’t make it, “Crazy, Lazy, Crazy, Crazy” is just a little too much like Nilsson’s “Think About Your Troubles” and “Life Is Worth Living” is missing most of the lyrics. While not essential, Nines fans should add these flawed gems to their collection.

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The Nines

The Reign “The Long Wait”

Lead singer-songwriter Joe Caravella adds his own homespun take on power pop with his new album, as the jangling Rickenbacker is joined by grungy guitar rhythms on “Lodi Smiles.” The harmonies on “Prize” is a strong homage to Badfinger in tone and “Nothing Comes Around” boasts unique chord progressions in the chorus. You’ll hear influences from Pearl Jam, Extreme and The Beatles, of course. Joe has a more standard power pop tune with the mid tempo “Beside Me (Mary’s Song)” and the ballad “The Last Words” reminds me of Gary Cherone’s acoustic work.

Joe’s vocals are clear and deep, similar in style to Rob Grill (The Grass Roots) on “Not So Lonely” and “If You Think You Can.” The Reign don’t stay stuck in a single style either, although it leans heavily on early 70’s classic rock. At a long 16 tracks you get plenty of bang for your buck, even though it tends to wander into long jams and awkward psychedelics toward the end.  Definitely worth exploring, as the albums first half is simply excellent.

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