Major Label artists releases in 2015 – Part 1

The big stars of rock/indie (with power pop leanings) have come out of the woodwork this year and although a rare few made my Top 25 list (Tommy Keene, Chris Stamey almost made it) most have been putting out exceptional music:



Wilco “Star Wars” – The band continues to pave its own course (a free download!), mixing the influences from newer (Radiohead) and older (Lou Reed, Beatles) bands. Plays like a stripped down rehearsal in spots, with little studio gloss. Solid release stands nicely alongside its post-2008 albums. Listen to: “More”
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Squeeze “Cradle to The Grave” – The Tilbrook-Difford songwriting partnership continues to dazzle. While not as good as the 1980-90’s era, its damn close. A welcome return to form, and some real sweet gems here. Listen to: “Nirvana”, “Happy Days”
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Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne’s ELO “Alone In The Universe” – This was hyped up quite a bit and even though I love Jeff and the ELO sound, it just didn’t impress me. Maybe he shouldn’t have re-hashed “Showdown” into “Love & Rain,” it sounds like ELO on autopilot. Oh well. Listen to: “Dirty To The Bone”, “Ain’t It A Drag”
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Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson “Fast Forward” – Leave it to Joe to deliver excellent musicianship and great songwriting that sounds like a mature artist. No this isn’t rock or the early ’80s and the brilliant title track makes it clear. While a bit long and with a few jazzy filler tunes, this is still a good album for JJ fans. Listen to: “If It Wasn’t For You”, “Junkie Diva” Get it here.