Singles: Burgess Meredith, Big Huge, Swedish Polar Bears and Alicia Rae

Just a few final singles before the holidays…

Burgess Meredith is a 60’s-influenced rock & roll band located in Austin, TX. The band pays tribute to the late great actor and was formed by Josh King, John Vishnesky and Jesse Hester. These guys sound pretty amazing; a bit like a young 10cc, rumor is they’ve been tapped for next years IPO. All I can say is I can’t wait for the new LP to come out. Proof the future of power pop is bright with these artists!

Big Huge is pop punk band from NYC. I don’t know much about them – but they are unsigned and have a raw energy that’s hard to ignore. Check’em out.

The Swedish Polarbears give us the best Teenage Fanclub song not made by Teenage Fanclub in “Norman Blake.” Although this song isn’t new, the band is working on a new EP for 2016 called The Great Northern.

Alicia Rae is a singer-songwriter from Washington, DC. The self-taught guitarist purchased her first guitar in 2009, and quickly found her knack for songwriting. A little shy, it took some convincing from her loved ones to perform at her first open mic in late 2012. Alicia was quickly recognized for her crisp vocals and catchy lyrics. Pick up her EP at Noisetrade for a mere tip.