Rocket Bureau and Co-Pilgrim

Rocket Bureau

Rocket Bureau “Phantoms Ringing 67-73”

Is it possible to be so good at recreating an era’s sound you fool even veteran audiophiles?  Contrary to what the title of the album suggest – that these are not tracks from the late 60’s/early 70’s, but a new release by musician Kyle Urban on his 8-track reel-to-reel.

The energetic guitars start with “Silhouette” and it brings to mind bands of the past (20/20, The Plimsouls, Rubinoos) along with touch of the modern (The Well Wishers.) The song “Go Away Girl” has such classic beats and chord changes you’d swear it was a undiscovered hit single.  “Night Time” has a 50’s vibe similar to Sam Cooke, and “She Dreams In Colors” is a trip “Rain” styled jam. “Choozy Suzy” is another potential sure-fire hit and “Along Comes Sam” has a roots rock vibe with its layered guitars. Other songs have a similar Allman Bros. vibe like “Tuscaloosa Woman.” This is a “greatest hits” of sorts for Rocket Bureau and its diversity of style just proves Kyle is versatile as hell here. Not a single note of filler, and proof that DIY analog artists can rock it old school. Super Highly Reccomended.

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Co-Pilgrim “Slows To Go”

I missed this one late last year: Oxford band Co-Pilgrim has a distinct folk Americana influence, with California styled harmonies and slow tempo melodies. Fans of The Byrds, CSNY, and Teenage Fanclub are sure to enjoy this. “Slows To Go” swells into dreamy pop land right from the title track.

Lead vocalist Mike Gale glides through each track, “You Come Over, You Go” is a great example of crisp singing and the harmonies are especially good on “Flood Of Tears.” Some songs have a county feel, “Its A Blue Moon” makes use of lap guitar and gentle acoustic strumming. The style here is very consistent and lack of variety may seem frustrating to some listeners, but the vocal arrangements are so lush they are worth revisiting. Highly recommended.