Dany Laj and Wilson

Dany Laj and The Looks

Dany Laj and The Looks “Word On The Street”

Dany Laj is a Canadian rocker with a power pop punk style similar to early Nick Lowe, Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello. “Small Town Kid” is a great example of Dany as a “rebel armed with power chords and a pawn shop electric” with a pub rock heart. “I Know You Want Out” is a bit more punk, with a fast tempo and a battle cry with each riff.

The short staccato riffs on “Mr. Rebound” and bass line breaks on “We Know” are sharp and simple perfection. It does miss the target with the reggae-styled “Where’s The Love” and western themed “Killing The Pleasure.” But there is enough here to make this an enjoyable album, plus Dany is currently touring with the “King of Power Pop” Paul Collins. So he’s sure to pick up a few things – keep an eye on this future star!



Wilson “Old School, New Rules”

This quartet from Dorset, UK is made up of singer-songwriter-guitarist Steve Wilson, keyboardist Chris Rickard, bassist Simon Felton (Garfield’s Birthday), and drummer Tim Wheeler. Starting with “Long Road” its those easy going harmonies that soothe with nostalgic magic. Next the love song “Pretty Girl In A Small Town” is a wistful look back at an early heartbreak.

Fans of late era Beach Boys and America will appreciate its simple harmonies and light instrumentation on “Silver Lining.” In fact “Waiting for Your Turn” is perfect lazy Sunday music. On the albums second half things get stretched a bit too long. But if you’re into mellow pop, this one’s a keeper.