Butch Young and Le Super Homard

Brett Harris

Butch Young “Mercury Man”

Singer-songwriter Butch Young’s (self-released, home-recorded) album is an admirable DIY effort that is sure to warm the hearts of power pop lovers everywhere. With his collaborator Matt Lee on guitar and bass, Young is similar in spirit to early Paul Steel by crafting layered space mini-symphonies that are part baroque, bubblegum and bittersweet.

Opening with the title track, its a slow relaxing opener with Lee’s blistering solo and then “Persephone” with its yearning slide guitar is very much influenced by Jeff Lynne. Young’s vocals are a little nasal, but once you are accustomed to it “One Foot In” showcases some great multi-tracked harmonies a la Beach Boys. The charm and musicianship will easily win you over as “Dime Store Jesus” and “Child of Nature” does a soft shuffle with its light pop melodies. No real filler here, but the album’s tempo rarely varies, and the only guitar solos appear on the first and last tracks of the album. Still its a wonderful debut and is highly recommended.

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Le Super Homard

Le Super Homard “Maple Key” EP/Vinyl

The Mega Dodo label is one of the leading progressive neo-psychedelic labels out there and this new release is worth seeking out. Le SuperHomard is Christophe Vaillant (guitars and keyboard), Pandora Burgess (vocals) and Olivier Vaillant (drums and bass). The rich textured instrumental intro gives way to dreamscape which is influenced by Air and Fugu1.

The light dreamy late ’60s mood permeates the album and the electronic rhythms are subtle till the finale “From My Window.” “On A Sofa” floats along, “Bituminized” is a simple melody much like The High Llamas recent work, and when Burgess vocals are added it takes “Dry Salt In Our Hair” to a more danceable place. Fans of space lounge music will find much to love here.

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