The Well Wishers and Dot Dash

The Well Wishers

The Well Wishers “Comes And Goes”

Jeff Shelton (aka The Well Wishers) is one of the most consistently relaible power pop artists with a sound that is firmly rooted between REM and Bob Mould. On his 8th release Comes and Goes stays the course, it will please followers and earn new fans along the way. “Impossible To Blame” is a great example of what makes Jeff so irresistible; buzzing guitar rhythms, upbeat tempo and a catchy melody. He delves into hard rock and psyche-pop passages through several songs like “It’s On” and “Love Lies Last.” Lisa Mychols adds her vocals to the shimmering “Comes Around.” Its hard to come up with more superlatives for this band, and all I can tell you is pick this album up. Highly Recommended (as usual).


Dot Dash

Dot Dash “Searchlighs”

Washington DC based Dot Dash has gradually shifted its sound over the years from a power pop band on 2011’s spark>flame>ember>ash to the fuzz alt. Brit-rock of Earthquakes & Tidal Waves. The band has now gone to a punk garage sound with Searchlights. There is a wild energy that is attractive on the opener “Dumb Entertainment,” and the PIL meets The Jam approach on “Lonely Serenade” and the title track are also enjoyable. But they careen off the rails on “10,000 Days” where you barely hear Terry Banks melody above the din.

The band still can crank out a classic  — “Wishing Star” is great songwriting, with sweet chord progressions and solos. A few more standouts include “Holly Garland” and “Fading Out.” The rest of the album was a little more challenging to stick through only because the songs tend to blend into each other. Still worth a listen and including on your playlist.

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