Mike Brunacini and The Grand Undoing


Mike Brunacini “Cherry Springs”

Mike “Bruno” Brunacini is a new face on the indie power pop scene, and “Cherry Springs” is his first full length album. “Beginning” shows that he knows a thing or two about harmonies, and a earnest approach about fearlessly doing what you love. The simple guitar melody of “Carousel’s Song” is a highlight here, very similar to Jeff Boller (The Simple Carnival).

The piano melodies of the title track and “Departed Light” feel influenced by Ben Folds, and Brunacini’s vocals are excellent here. He gets a bit poppier on “Hiding The Storm Out” and “Living Electronic Emotions” tells an android’s story that’s just infectious. While not everything here hits the mark, most of it does. Mike’s songwriting skills are impressive on the duet “Shooting Stars” and the catchy “White Noise.” Worth checking out and I expect we’ll see more of Mr. Brunacini.

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The Grand Undoing

The Grand Undoing “Sparks Rain Down From The Lights Of Love”

Review by Mike Olinger: Boston-based Seth Goodman, who travels the space-time continuum under The Grand Undoing moniker, released his newest post-punk oeuvre this past September – a richly orchestrated, dynamic record that recalls the seminal work of Warren Zevon.

Goodman, a known sparkling wine connoisseur, often sounds intoxicated on record and his psychedelic album title, Sparks Rain Down From The Lights Of Love, leads one to believe this unorthodox loquacity is bound to spill into the material. Yet the actual songs attest to his sharp sense of pop brevity and punchy musicianship. Key tracks like “Key Biscayne” are both lyrically satisfying and gloriously retro while ballads like “Falling From A Plane” exhibit a world-class knack for expressionistic balladry.