Greg Ieronimo and Robyn Gibson

Greg Ieronimo

Greg Ieronimo “Never Leaving California”

I’m glad we finally have a new full-length album from Greg Ieronimo, as his debut Bipolar Love several years ago was a favorite and he’s been teasing us with tracks leaked out on IPO compilations. Greg’s sound emphasizes the “power” in power pop with heavy riffs leading the way on each song, comparable to Extreme or Green Day, but with a melodic emphasis and lush production technique similar to Jason Falkner. And unlike the debut, his style is very consistent here.

Opening with “Rewind” its hook-filled bass lead is layered with verses and backing harmonies that make Ieronino’s music so compelling. “Never Leaving California” is a slow building heavy rock standard about his home state, and then “You Love Me” is a piano-led gem with a cascading hook in the chorus. One of the catchiest songs here is “Best Day Of Our Life” brimming with ADD-fueled optimism. In fact, it’s a challenge to find a bad song here from the bouncy gem “Outta Sight” to the mid-tempo rock ballad “Make It Out” it’s all good. One critique you can say is that there may be too many songs (14) to digest very quickly, so take your time savoring each one with headphones. Easily this one is a top 10 nominee for my 2017 best-of list. Super Highly Recommended!


Robyn Gibson

Robyn Gibson “Bob of the Pops Vol . 1”

One of the best young voices in pop music Robyn Gibson (The Junipers) created this covers album over a series of six years, produced by Boryng Bison. Gibson’s song selection is especially good, as he provides a perfect male version of Kristy MacColl’s “They Don’t Know” (a big hit for comedian Tracey Ullman).

The album consists of popular rock standards (The Beatles “Nowhere Man”) with more obscure singles (The Rutles “With A Girl Like You.”) The production is crisp and Gibson’s smooth vocal is multitracked for great harmonic moments like Teenage Fanclub’s “Did I Say.” Overall a great audio treat for lovers of great power pop. And hey, it’s a FREE download so pick it up and sing along with Robyn. Hopefully, Vol.2 isn’t that far behind.

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