Impar "Melhor Aqui"

IMPAR – Melhor Aqui

Now for something completely different! A Brazillian Power Pop Band! A new pal from Brazil has opened my eyes to the South American Power Pop front. Typically we in the US concentrate our music imports on the latest from Scandiavia and Europe, after all the bands sing in English and we all like that. But there is so much more out there. If you just listen to the melodies and riffs, you will enjoy Impar just as much as any English speaking release. And who knows when they may be picked up by an American Label for an English version of their stuff? Here it first here!

Brittlestar "Secrets"

Thanks to Bob for turning me on to this album. Brittlestar is a Canadian Band that has a great sense of melody and beat. You can listen to the samples here.. Some songs have a great Matt Pond PA meets Metro Jets feel to them (okay it’s a stretch). The site also has a nice video “So Close So Faraway.” This is a nice little hidden gem not too many people have heard about so I wanted to get the word out. “Flying To New York” is my favorite song here so far- lots of chiming guitars and clean production make it a real treat. You get the music from Amazon or itunes. Enjoy it while it’s still a “Secret!”

Linus of Hollywood "Triangle"

Linus of Hollywood is a long time favorite power pop legend. Sounding alot like Glen Tilbrook without all that Squeeze baggage – “Triangle” pumps out lots of quick pop gems under three minutes each. “Farwell to the King” is an excellent single that floats on a melodic breeze and worth repeat listens. A few tracks feel a bit like throw-aways though. “How Do I do it everyday” is a quick comment on the music business he is in. The best part of this album is that you can listen to the whole thing on through this link. Linus’ subject matter is also more mature here, less of the optimism of earlier albums. The ballads are well written McCartney-styled songs. My favorite is the burlesque “I’m not so great,” a self-depreciating turn and it lightens the albums mood perfectly. Listen and you be the judge- Bruce at Not lame also has a special deal with this album.

Personal Tragedy

To my blog readers — I have not been able to update my blog this past week due to a personal tragedy at home. I have listened to very few things this past week. I have to overcome my personal trauma and I will catch up on Sunday. Please check the Powerpopaholic very soon.

Craig Bartock "The Finer Points of Instinct"

I absolutely love it when long time side men for a popular rock act go solo. Just like Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray went solo (previously in Paul McCartney’s band) – Craig Bartock was the guitar player for Heart, Blondie and many others. With that much experience – you’ve got dynamite potential for a great solo album. And that’s what we have here. Bartock’s sound has alot of great influences (Beatles, Beach Boys and early Genesis) but sounds totally unique. His voice reminds me alot of Mike Viola and the Candybutchers. His approach to songwriting and melody is alot like Roger Manning or Yazbek. To put it mildly I was slowly blown away by this music. The song “Myopic Day” is a wonderously trippy Squeeze meets Candybutchers single. The guitar playing is simply amazing here too. Some songs have a dramatic symphonic vibe, like “The Dollhouse.” The song swings between heavy riffs and high harmonies. Every song here has a great hook. Looks like Craig has raised the bar for your favorite album here. You can hear it on his my space page. You can buy it from CDBaby, Amazon or itunes.