Armstrong "Songs About The Weather"

Fans of sunshine and baroque pop would do well to check out the latest album from Armstrong. Songs About The Weather is a sweet batch of light pop gems that will bring to mind Andrew Sandoval, William Pears, or The Pearlfishers. Opening with the light synths and gentle strum of “Break It In Two”lead singer Julian Pitt sets the albums pastoral tone. Next “Sunshine Feeling” has a Byrds/Beach Boys feel that makes for a perfect summer song. But there is definitely an undercurrent of sadness across the rest of the album. Starting with the break-up song “Perhaps It’s Time We Said Goodbye,” it’s a delicate song that looks back at love lost. Much of the remaining songs take this melancholy approach. And the lovely acoustic guitar work is an ever present backdrop to these dark songs like, “Picture of The Bay,” and “Rainfall” which reminds me of summer teen romance in a past memory. Thankfully a few up tempo songs are added, and “Summer Rain” and “Drowning in Self Belief” recall those Chad & Jeremy folk tinged pop classics. If you enjoy wistful ballads and sun-kissed melodies that are brimming with emotion you’ll want to listen to Armstrong.

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