The Secret Powers "Lies and Fairy Tales"

Ryan Maynes (aka Schmedly) and his merry band mates have returned to build on the astounding success of their previous album. Truly filled to the brim with unabashed worship of Electric Light Orchestra, Jellyfish, and The Beach Boys it’s like listening to bright sunshine. Opening with the harmonic treats on “Tangerine” complete with ELO-styled guitar goodness it transitions to the “Pet Sounds” sing-along  “I’m So In Love.” Hook after hook are poured into these songs and that’s what’s so impressive here – it’s perfect power pop. Fans of Harry Nilsson will flip for “New Skin” – it sounds exactly like him and bounces along with the same style that made The Point so wonderful.  The next few tracks (“Feels So Good” and “Riding The Shark”) are multi-layed with guitars, harmonies and unique instrumentations that compare well to Jellyfish albeit with Schmedly’s grizzled vocal approach. “Cows” uses the multi-tracked vocal style throughout and the mid tempo ballad “Miss Lonely” rounds out a perfect album half.  Schmedly’s vocals head fully into Bryan Adams territory with the dramatic “The Lie” and the remaining album tracks are very strong, but don’t shine as bright. The group vocals and melodies on “Chemical High” and “Just Might” recall mid-western rock bands like The Allman Brothers Band or Bob Segar a bit and the Elton John-like piano chord shifts round it out on “Nothing As Nice.” As a special offer from Kool Kat Musik, you get an additional disc of bonus tracks. This album easily makes my top ten this year, keep it coming guys!

Listen to a clip of “Tangerine”