Ho Ho Holiday Samplers for FREE


Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler
Hey! It’s totally the last month of 2012! Depending on whether or not the Mayan Apocalypse happens, this could be the last Suburban Sprawl Holiday comp! If it is, eleven years ain’t a bad run. Zach Curd has given us another treat to listen under the mistletoe. As always a huge variety of artists (most of which I never heard of) donate tracks here. A specific track here not to miss is Andy Dick and Willie Wisely singing “Happy B-Day J.C.” And if you missed samplers of years past, they are available too.

The JAC “I See Things Differently” Greatest Xmas Hits
Joe AlgeriĀ  (Jack & the Beanstalk, The Britannicas) is a songwriter/producer from Perth, Western Australia who is also know as The JAC. He’s got an off beat sense of humor and an instinct for great rock and roll. Listen to the highlights “Merry Christmas (round the world)” and the surf-syled “Psychotic Psummer.” Lots of great music here, its even better than his recent Faux Pas album. The bittersweet humor of “Santa All I Want (Is Cindy Brady) ” and “Computer Xmas” are also sure to impress. It also includes tracks from his other bands, The Britannicas and Green Beetles.

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Joe Giddings “Christmas Morning” Single
Joe has contributed to my Fest soundtrack, so in honor of that I am promoting his new Christmas single “Christmas Morning.” It’s only a dollar and worth every penny as Joe breaks out the sleigh bells and harmonies here.
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