The Pozers and Jeremy

The Pozers “The Sun’s Going Down”
One of the highlights on the IPO Vol.15 disc, The Pozers new album is fresh fun, produced by Roger Manning (?) “Spacecar” is a fast paced fuzz guitar fest that sounds like a mix of Vinyl Candy and The Banana Splits. “All She Wrote” has a great beat and some nice Beatlesque slide guitar with its bouncy melody. The lush production on “My Maze” and “The Facination” are similar to ELO in composition and they’re a big highlight.

The weak spot however is the nasal vocals. No one is credited with lead and the range is often limited as with “Every Little Chance You Get.” The instrumentation, composition and multi-tracking do plenty to mask this early on, but it by the time we get to “Losing My Mind” it really wears on you.

Jeremy “Love Explosion”
For years, Michigan-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Morris has been producing several albums per year, and running Jam Recordings – which is amazing and added to that his solo stuff still rocks! The title track is a psychedelic explosion of guitars and harmonies (quite literally!)

He still channels The Byrds and Beatles jangle quite nicely on “Save Me From Myself” and “Radiant Future Days.” And he still has a tendency to stretch a song like “Hearts On Fire” long past seven minutes and the trippy sound effects on a few songs linger on a bit too long… but few can carry these big pop hooks with hard rock guitar crunchiness better. Get it and turn up that volume.