International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 15

After you’ve stuffed yourself full of turkey and cranberry sauce, it’s nice to know you can satisfy your musical hunger with IPO. Another year, another 67 tracks spread over 3 CDs from a variety of bands known and unknown, as selected by power pop guru David Bash.  As always, a great way to discover new sounds at a great price!

Disc 1: The immortal Shoes begins our journey with “Head vs. Heart,”  and it’s matched by the Byrdsian guitars on Fireking’s “So You Say You Lost Your Baby.” Old favorites are on hand like Lisa Mychols (“Taken,”)  Private Jets (“Speed Of Sound,”) and the recently reviewed Condors (“Queer Fascination.”) But what I look for are the rookies, like the playfully seductive “Crush On A Girl” by The Jooles, and the frantic punk-pop “Square Pegs” by The Issue and “Yesterday” by The Secrets.

Disc 2: King Washington‘s epic “The Gears” starts us off. The Afternoons “Wait Til You See Her” has a bit of Oasis’ echoing beat and the new track from The Sunchymes “Revelations In Her Mind” adds its light 60’s pop touch. My favorite track from the new Spygenius LP is here (“K is Menatlly ill”) and Nushu’s cover of The Cars “My Best Friend’s Girl” is a blast. A new Vegas with Randolph track here “Nikki’s Plan/Broadway” and Robin Stanley’s “Make Up Your Mind” are also highlights.

Disc 3: Strong tracks are all over this one. I really liked the harmony filled opener “Summer’s Green” by The Tor Guides, and “Never Stop Wooing You” by Sweet Diss and The Comebacks is a perfect follow up. “Get Her Off My Mind” from Throwback Suburbia thrills, and even Japan’s Mayflower is on here with “Cat’s Boro Blues!” The bluesy rock of The Pengwins (with Lannie Flowers) leads on “Naive” and The Pozers “My Maze” add a Beatles-ELO influenced gem. Overall, you’ll be coming back for repeat listens on this compilation… I guarantee it!

One disk 3 is Ashbury Keys “Wake Up” – This performance was filmed at IPO Liverpool 2012.

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