The Power Popaholic Interview: Paul Collins and Power Popalicious 2

New York City “King of Power Pop” Paul Collins (The Nerves, The Beat) will have the 2nd Annual Power Popalicious Festival at NYC’s Cake Shop on February 1 & 2. Power-pop-A-Licious 2 is ground zero for the growing DIY power pop scene, and a welcome addition to the collective of music festivals, including IPO (International Pop Overthrow) and our own Power Popaholic Fest.

In the extensive interview we talk about the origins of the festival, and his ill-fated Nerves reunion along with what makes power pop an important genre of music. Collins states “Today’s power pop bands blend punk, garage, retro-power pop, and psychedelic into one swirling sound. Personally I am not a purest about power pop, I am more interested in promoting bands that have cool songs and use electric guitars to get their point across.”

One thought to “The Power Popaholic Interview: Paul Collins and Power Popalicious 2”

  1. Paul just rang to ask us to replace Psycho Hippies on Friday night!

    We couldn’t be more excited!!

    Well, actually, if we were playing right before him on Saturday…THAT would be more exciting!

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