Power Popaholic Fest Gallery

Power Popaholic Fest 2012

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 [youtube]g9TvdYJuLQQ[/youtube] Intro of Lannie Flowers, song “Give Me A Chance”
 [youtube]RSoOBubZmTM[/youtube] Lannie Flowers “Come On Girl”
 [youtube]_6cmwnknfMA[/youtube] Lannie Flowers “Another Weekend”
[youtube]GRxjkk_UZtg[/youtube] Lannie Flowers “Looking For You”, “Turn Up The Radio”
[youtube]PzBneC2eU0k[/youtube] Jana Peri “I Wanna Rock”
 [youtube]FAFF5mxtiI8[/youtube] Lannie Flowers “All Dressed Up”

Courtesy of our friend Brian Zwolak: Our own Mark DiCarlo singing the Cheap Trick classic “Come On, Come On” with The Heartless Devils .

Buddy Love

Jeff Litman


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