Honeychain and Dynamo Bliss

Honeychain “Futura”EP
Honeychain is the solo project of Hillary Burton from the band Nushu, and the first thing you notice is the fuzzier and heavier guitar sound of “The All-About-Me Girl.” Burton’s clean mutli-tracked vocals keep the melody together and make it closer to the rock of Jana Peri or Joan Jett, without the growl. “Easy To Forget” is a highlight as the melody here really sticks, and the fast paced rhythm and climbing baseline hooks you. “Two Fools” is a catchy break-up tune with some great minor chord shifts that keep you wanting more, thankfully one slower tempo song, “Than You” allows us to catch our breath and ends in an echoing finale. Overall an excellent EP that proves Hillary’s sweet vocal can deliver rock and roll spice.


Dynamo Bliss “Poplar Music”
Dynamo Bliss floored me with their debut of prog-influenced, conceptual pop rock in the tradition 10cc. In retrospect it’s a much better album than I gave it credit – and now Swedish brothers Stefan and Peter Olofsson, with Mikael Sandström returns with Poplar Music.

This is a much lighter affair, sounding more like Andrew Gold with tight vocal harmonies on “Can You Hear The Sound.” And ELO fans will love “And Forever” with its magical synth melodies and bright chorus. “Over The Rolling Hills” provides a longer narrative with a banjo accompaniment in the chorus. “Savage Minds” is another highlight with 70’s pop overtones, along with the faux boogie of “Panic In Their Eyes” and melodic chorus of “Running Out Of Mind.” Although there isn’t a driving LP concept, this collection highlights the stellar musicianship of the band. Highly recommended, of course.

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