The Pencils “Anthology”

the pencils

A huge “thank you” goes out to Ray Gianchetti of Kool Kat Musik for finding this “lost” UK power pop band from the 80’s. They issued a few singles including the well received “Watching The Tears,” but the full LP recorded in 1984 was never released. Ray tracked down the master tapes of all the bands complete recordings, and there you have it.

The band has a sound in between The Hooters and The Toms, and fans of The Romantics, Squeeze and early Elvis Costello will find a treasure trove on each CD of this 2 disc set. Much of the songwriting is solid and highlights include the catchy “If You Really Want To Hurt Somebody,” “You Say You,” and “Til Your Luck Runs Out.” But many of the other songs are great too, had this LP released at the right time everyone would’ve known The Pencils. Highly Recommended!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hey it’s still here! Kool Kat Musik is also selling copies of Powerpopaholic Fest Volume One, our 18-song “soundtrack” to last years music fest. We are still raising money for The Red Cross with each sale, and hope to send them another check soon!