Red Jacket Mine and Baby Scream

Red Jacket Mine  “Someone Else’s Cake”
Seattle band headed by songwriter Lincoln Barr (also in Stag), who’s smart lyrics and casual style are a mix of both Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. Red Jacket Mine also has a hint of pub rock and Memphis soul, shown on “Amy” with its tight composition and wild outro. The big hooks come out on “Ron Nasty” as the guitar and harmonies are in perfect form.

“Engineer” boasts a sax and drum rhythm and shambling Bowie-like chorus that really wins you over too. Add a touch of Steely Dan and you get “Skint City” and “Listen Up (If the World is Going to Hell)” with its 70’s lounge vibe. It’s also got a Elvis Costello styled cynical streak that runs throughout each track. Each song is solid (no filler) and it varies the style enough, adding alt-country on “Have You Got A Permit To Preach On This Corner.” It ends with the infectious beat of “Bellar & Bawl.” Highly Recommended for sure.


Baby Scream “Baby Scream” Special Edition
Of all the bands from Argentina with songs in English, Baby Scream has had the most power pop success. Lead by Juan Pablo Mazzola, the band has produced several good albums, and has decided to revisit and re-release the debut LP, which I reviewed back in 2010. And Juan has added some original mixes by producer Muddy Stardust (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, LA Guns, Col. Parker). Lets not forget the band also has a FREE album of covers called “Lost Balloons” you can pick up here.

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