Scott Miller passes away

Sadly, Scott Miller passed away on April 15, 2013.  Scott Miller has released more than a dozen albums with his bands Game Theory and the Loud Family, and his music has been described as “a cross between Alex Chilton, James Joyce, and the Electric Prunes” (Stereo Review) and “smart, funny, and instantly memorable” (Rolling Stone). Miller was a brilliant songwriter who’s biggest impact was during the 80’s, mixing both powerpop and new wave to craft a memorable catalog of albums. Some of these are being made public on the Loud Family website.

In addition to being a musician, Scott was an author of an insightful book Music: What Happened? In the sample chapter he describes how he found Seth Swirsky’s “Watercolor Day” –

“Certainly the Internet has changed how people find out about music, and one novelty there for my methods is what I’ll call canon triangulation. Searching around for the best new songs, I’ll do a web search on several songs that I consider indicators of good ears, and see what else is on those people’s list, and so on. I found “Watercolor Day” that way, I think on a site I want to credit with being associated with Audities, though I see I’m not able to repeat the search today.”

I can only hope that he was talking about — but aside from that I hope people honor Scott by playing his music today. I know I will.