Baby Scream “Greatest Failures”

If you never got into the music of Juan Pablo Mazzola, this your chance to hear one of the best power pop artists from Argentina. A compilation of tracks from 2002 up until 2013 pulls out great music from Baby Scream’s entire career. Starting with the blunt lyrics of “Slut,” then we go to “Mars,” which is like a Juan Pablo version of “Space Oddity.” I’ve frequently compared his vocal style to John Lennon, and this is demonstrated on “Away,”  “The Riots” and “Ojos Orientales.”

My favorite rock track in this collection is “Every Day (I Die a Little Bit)” with a snappy guitar rhythm and furious bass line, and then “Exile” is another excellent riff-led melody with nice overdubbed harmonies. Overall, an impressive collection that belongs in your playlist.