Braddock Station Garrison and Ward White

Braddock Station Garrison “High Water” EP
Rock solid debut from this local Washington DC touring band. A hybrid of Roots rock and pop melodies. Lead singer and guitarist Steve Schillinger carries each tune with confidence, and a cadence that reminded me of Chris Isaak. Highlights include “Maria With Child” and “A Lot To Ask.”


Ward White “Bob
It’s been a few years since I heard Ward White, so it’s both maddening and satisfying to listen to his new LP Bob. Once again assisted by Joe McGinty on keys, White tells a winding dense narrative akin to a one man Rock Opera about the perils and crimes of the title character. White’s delicate tenor is brilliant, similar to those 70’s rock deities (Todd Rundgren and Bowie come to mind).

It’s tough to initially go through the sparsely composed and dramatic first half, but after repeated plays it grows on you, “Dentist” being a highlight. After the quirky “Intermission,” the guitar chords really come out and “Little Coca Cola/Lucky Ones” resembles a Ray Davies ditty. One of the better tunes “Dissent” takes a very Zappa-esque turn, and “Fridge” sums it up with Jeff Hermanson’s trumpet. There is a great musical story buried here if you’re willing to sacrifice immediacy. I see “cult hit” written all over this one.

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