Sidewalk Atlas and Fab Claxton

Sidewalk Atlas “Stealing Time”
Combining a love of The Beach Boys, Ben Folds, and the Flaming Lips with a huge variety of genres makes this debut from Sidewalk Atlas a hidden gem that deserves your attention. The Philadelphia-based project created by Danny Greene, collaborates with about 19 other musicians to create a concept album somewhere between The Pet Sounds Sessions and Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.

The slow piano and clarinet builds into a full overture on “At Least We Are Here Together” then on “Stealing Time” the electric guitars chime in like┬áThe Apples in Stereo. Another gem “Margot” is a delightful melody about a quirky girl who has a radiation accident (“You might be nuclear!”). The piano ballads are heartfelt, like “City’s Not Enough” including elegant string accents and some experimental compositions like “Terra Calls Me Back” need a few listens to appreciate. The Bandcamp download is at a “name-your-price” point. Danny is an up and coming talent, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Fab Claxton “Spazzamatazz”
Fab Claxton is the lead singer of The Marvelous Beauhunks, and here his solo doesn’t fall to far from the Beauhunks, perhaps with a touch of Southern Culture on The Skids guitar, and a Chili Peppers attitude. Spazzamatazz is a compilation of Fab Claxton’s first two EPs – ‘Ramalama Sasquatch’ (released February 2012) and ‘Amped Up Real High’ (released September 2012).

Turn up the volume and enjoy the howlin’ on “Tried To Meet You Halfway” and thick bass on “These Bones (Really Get Around).” Once again, the Bandcamp download is at a “name-your-price” point.

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