Fakeband and Gregory Pepper

The Fakeband “Shining On Everyone”
The Fakeband are an impressive indie band from Spain (thanks to Rock Indiana Records) with bright guitars and swirling chords. The opening salvo “On Top Of The World” sung with American accents, is a richly melodic tune along the lines of Crowded House or The Gin Blossoms.

But the band isn’t easily pigeonholed in one style,”If You Fool Me'”is similar to West Coast Pop with a rhythm that reminds me of Stealers Wheel, and “Parking Lot” is a slower roots ballad similar to The Autumn Defense. The sax and soulful keyboard comes out on “Healing Time,” and even more brass comes out on “Get You Back,” sounding like a lost Foundations oldie. The band also does bar boogie a la Dire Straits with some excellent musicianship on the rockers “She Told Me” and “Something About You.” Overall, its got something for everyone and highly recommended.



power pop

Gregory Pepper and His Problems “My Bad” EP
If you liked the Paul Starling album I reviewed the other day, then you’ll enjoy Ontario native Gregory Pepper and His Problems. Once again DIY bedroom pop is the name of the game “Anything Is Passable” is a nice Wilsonesque ballad. “Is This Thing On?” goes off into awesome-ville with a thick reverb heavy riff.

Most of the tunes are short little sketches, with some nice arrangements. One of my faves here is “Hated Every Minute,” a wonderful sad sack theme with a twist. “My Bad” is far from bad and its a free download in Bandcamp.