Edward Rogers and The Roaring Juniors

Edward Rogers “Kaye”
English-born, New York-bred Edward Rogers new album “Kaye” was inspired by the music of Kevin Ayers(The Soft Machine) and some of his musical influences. Rogers is helped along by other veteran musicians like Don Piper,┬áDennis Diken, and Gary Olsen, which makes it easy to enjoy this labor of love.

Rogers approach vocally on the opener “My Street” is a sullen blues riff similar to Mark Knopfler, but the tone changes on the Ayers penned gem “After The Show” with its punchy melody and catchy riffs. “Street Fashion” is another great track with its textured beat and “What Happened to the News Today” is a Dylanesque potential hit with its 12-string Rickenbacker melody. The mood gets more somber and wistful toward the albums end, but Rogers skill as a songwriter is formidable. A must for fans of both Rogers and Ayers.



The Roaring Juniors “Separation Anxiety”
Although they’re unsigned, This Michigan band starts off with the strong power pop of “Remember Love” and the garage styled “Love, Love Love.” The mid tempo “Riverside Shuffle” is another good diversion.

They take a harder turn on the instrumental “Watch Cap Blues,” so Led Zeppelin fans will pay attention. Blues-rock classic “Tobacco Road” is handled in a fuzzy way, but soon enough we’re back to the fast beats of “Waiting On Me.” Taking influences from early R&B British bands like The Creation – the Roaring Juniors are a force to be recognized. Give this fun album a try for only $5 – it’s worth it.

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  1. Great reviews. I think got the roaring juniors album name wrong though. it’s called “separation anxiety.”

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