Kurt Baker and The Persian Leaps

Kurt Baker

Kurt Baker “Brand New B-Sides”

When Kurt and Wyatt Funderburk worked on Brand New Beat three years ago, they still had plenty of gems leftover to make a follow-up. Much like Kurt’s debut the songs here have the same sound and catchy energy. “Quit Dancing With My Girl” is another perfect amalgam of Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe that speeds along its melody line. Each track bounces along, highlights are all over this release, examples being “Emma Stone” and “What’s That Got To Do With Rock N’ Roll,” riff anthem that channels the Glam era, originally done by The New York Dolls.

The LPs second half shows some different approaches, like the rare slow tempo “Since You’ve Been On My Mind” and “I’ve Tried Everything.” There is even a cover of Nick Lowe’s “So It Goes.” Overall this isn’t as cohesive as the debut, but a little Kurt goes a long way. And it still ends up on my playlist. Highly Recommended.

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The Cherry Drops

The Persian Leaps “Drive Drive Delay” EP

After The Persian Leaps last review and I was told the band had a new EP coming out shortly, and now its here. Continuing their GBV-inspired power pop with the pyromaniac anthem “Fire Starter” and then “Pretty Boy” has some Bob Mould like fuzz guitar with an inspired call and response chorus.

“(Goodbye To) South Carolina” has a little more jangle, but the wall of fuzz sound occasionally drowns out the melody. My favorite highlight is “Permission”  a bit more like a modern rocker where the lead guitar line shares equal time with the lead vocal. Between the 2 EPs you have a pretty good full length, so give it a spin on your playlist.