Colman “Play To Lose”

Colman play to lose

Colman is the solo project from former member of Insanity Wave, Colman Gota. Recorded with the help of Mitch Easter (REM). It’s got a solid Tom Petty vibe (his vocals are similar in style too), Colman does a great job on the opener “Bad Rerun” with hooks all over the place. “Hospital Bed” is equally impressive with a swirling guitar and organ during the chorus. The title track starts with a “twilight zone” intro that leads to the thick guitar riffs.

Most of the album goes through a narrative of facing the adversities of life, on “Straight Face” it suggests you run and hide from it all. About mid-way through it talks about watching life pass you by on “No Other Way” with steel petal guitar. “Just Around The Corner” is another good guitar tune about waiting for your luck to change, but the structure of many songs are similar. A little more variety would’ve helped, but this is still a really good album that deserves multiple spins.

power pop