Larry O. Dean and The Sunchymes

Larry O. Dean

Larry O. Dean “Good Grief”

Larry O. Dean (The Injured Parties) certainly has a dry acerbic wit and with the help of some friends, including Bobby Sutliff (The Windbreakers) and producer Chris Stamey (dB’s) he makes Good Grief an insightful listen. “Didn’t See It Coming” goes through the ups and downs of Dean’s travels through California. Easy tempo and a nice piano-guitar combo make this one a keeper, where the guitar-based “Happy Accident” is a fun trip through the discovery process.

The guitar protest song “Mad In The USA” is fast paced critique of today’s modern culture where you “eat low carb diets with energy drinks / take a bunch of pills to help us think.” “Do Not Follow” is another protest tune, similarly “Don’t Climb The Mountain” warns about goals and motivations (“Better you have a target, even if you miss”). Fans of Neil Young, Chis Stamey, and REM will identify and enjoy this album. Give it a try.


The Sunchymes

The Sunchymes “Present…”

Aaron Hemmington just continues to dazzle with his brand of psychedelic sunshine pop. The layered harmonies are all over “I’ll Call You Up Today,” and the composition “Time Will Tell” owe more to Curt Boettcher’s Millennium, than Beatles or Beach Boy influences.

Several previously released singles (“Mr. Buckstone” and “Through My Eyes”) are added to fill the LP up, but the new music is just as compelling with special standouts; “Lady Gracious” and the trippy “Pictures in Your Mind.” A few songs feel a bit long and repetitive, but the technique is still mesmerizing to listen to. Fans of the bands mentioned above should check it out, and anyone who enjoys retro-styled power pop will love it.