Dave Bash’s Top 125 albums of 2015

DavidBashAs you might know, International Pop Overthrow CEO and Founder David Bash has an extensive list of the years best power pop music in several categories. I will showcase his “top 125” on this post. He also gets into the Top EPs, Top Live albums,  Top Compilations, Tributes, Re-issues, etc.  so definitely check out his complete list on Facebook.

Many of these albums where on my top 25 and if I had a top 50, I would easily add them, but Dave does a great job each year and I have to review a few I missed! Here it is:

  1. The Grip Weeds-How I Won The War (Jem)
  2. Ryan Hamilton-Hell Of A Day (Fannypack)
  3. Pugwash-Play This Intimately As If Among Friends (Omnivore)
  4. Martin Courtney-Many Moons (Domino)
  5. The Butterscotch Cathedral-The Butterscotch Cathedral (Trouble In Mind)*
  6. John Howard & The Night Mail-John Howard & The Night Mail (Tapete)
  7. The Gurus-Espacio Abierto (Rock Indiana)
  8. The Stereo Twins-Good News (Self-Released)
  9. Jimmy Haber-Joy Acid Pact (Self-Released)
  10. The Turnback-Are We There Yet? (Self-Released)
  11. The Wellgreen-Summer Rain (The Barne Society)*
  12. The Nines-Night Surfer and The Cassette Kids (TAS Gold)
  13. Yorick van Norden-Happy Hunting Ground (Excelsior)
  14. Reno Bo-Lessons From A Shooting Star (Electric Western)
  15. The Maureens-Bang The Drum (Self-Released)
  16. Elvyn-Valley of the Kilowatt Hour (Little Wagon)
  17. The Junior League-The Also Rans (Kool Kat)
  18. The Belltowers-Day Breakaway (Proper)
  19. Serpent Power-Serpent Power (Skeleton Key)
  20. The Wind-Re Wind (Self-Released)
  21. The Cherry Drops-Life Is A Bowl Of Cherry Drops (MuSick)
  22. Greg Pope-Fanboy (Octoberville)
  23. Daniel Wylie’s Cosmic Rough Riders-Chrome Cassettes (Daniel Wylie)
  24. Pop 4-Summer (Satellites Group)
  25. Squeeze-Cradle To The Grave (Virgin)
  26. Ex Norwegian-Pure Gold (Dippy)
  27. Taylor Locke-Time Stands Still (Lojinx)
  28. Groovy Uncle & Suzi Chunk-Life’s A Gift (Trouserphonic)
  29. The Most-Invasion Completed (Copase Disques)*
  30. Zombies of The Stratosphere-In Technicolor (Self-Released)
  31. The Connection-Labor of Love (Rum Bar)
  32. A Fragile Tomorrow-Make Me Over (Mpress)
  33. Mikal Cronin-MC III (Merge)
  34. The On and Ons-Calling (Citadel)
  35. C. Duncan-Architect (Fatcat)
  36. Junebug-Pongo vs. Corporate Vampires (Planet 8)
  37. William Duke-The Dark Beautiful Sun (Familiar)*
  38. The Corner Laughers-Matilda Effect (MLM)
  39. Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab-Beyond The Silver Sea (Sugarbush)
  40. The Beatophonics-The Beatophonics (Echophonic)
  41. Sam Vicari-Giving Up (Sick City)
  42. Jordan Andrew Jefferson-The Only Way Out Is In (The Oxide Shed)
  43. Brandon Schott-Crayons & Angels (Curry Cuts)
  44. David Divad-Healing Hands (Self-Released)
  45. Susan James-Sea Glass (Self-Released)
  46. Cloud Eleven-Record Collection (West Coast)
  47. The Magnetic Mind-…Is Thinking About It (Heavy Soul!)
  48. The Ravines-Everything’s Fine (Self-Released)
  49. Fireking-Double Trouble (Blueberry Pie)
  50. Summer Fiction-Himalaya (Burn Brightly)
  51. Nic Hessler-Soft Connections (Captured Tracks)
  52. Mark Pountney-Mark II (Inner Smile)
  53. Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab-Coconut Summer Drop In (Canteen)
  54. Tommy Sistak-Short Songs (Self-Released)
  55. The London Souls-Here Come The Girls (Feel)
  56. The Guise-Forthcoming (Sound Ideas)
  57. John McCullagh and The Escorts-New Born Cry (359 Music)
  58. The Modulators-Try Try Try (Kool Kat)
  59. The Weeklings-Monophonic (Jem)
  60. Zach Jones-Love What You Love (Pioneer)
  61. The Shakers-A Whole Lotta Shakers! (Soundflat)
  62. Jacco Gardner-Hypnophobia (Polyvinyl)
  63. Three Hour Tour-Action and Heroes (Martian Record Corp.)
  64. Leaders In The Clubhouse-Won (Self-Released)
  65. Glamweazel-The Art of the Meltdown (Self-Released)
  66. Tame Impala-Currents (Interscope)
  67. Honeywagen-Jamboree (Rock O Plane)
  68. The Lunar Laugh-Apollo (Lekites)
  69. Kurt Baker-Play It Cool (Rum Bar)
  70. Steve Robinson & El Woltil-Cycle (Sunshine Drenchy)
  71. Eureka Machines-Brainwaves (Wrath)
  72. The School-Wasting Away and Wondering (Elefant)
  73. Mama-Estandar (Rock Indiana)
  74. Onions-Shame of The Nation (Self-Released)
  75. The Parkas-In Stereocolour (Self-Released)
  76. The Webstirs-Now You’ve Really Done It (Ginger)
  77. The Stoneage Hearts-Hung Up (On You) (Off The Hip)
  78. The Loons-Inside Out Your Mind (Bomp)
  79. The Kennedys-West (Self-Released)
  80. Wilson-Old School, New Rules (Pink Hedgehog)
  81. Dave Rave & The Governors-Sweet American Music (RaeBeat)
  82. BC Camplight-How To Die In The North (Bella Union)
  83. Tobias Jesso Jr.-Goon (Arts & Crafts)
  84. The Supernaturals-360 (Satchel Britchett)
  85. Slim Loris-Love Fear (Self-Released)
  86. Kontiki Suite-The Greatest Show On Earth (Self-Released)
  87. Nick Piunti-Beyond The Static (Self-Released)
  88. Peter Fedofsky-The Sound & The Fury (Self-Released)
  89. Steve Thompson & The Incidents-Rainbows & Arrows (Self-Released)
  90. Jeff Lynne’s ELO-Alone In The Universe (Columbia)
  91. Simon Love-It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (Fortuna Pop!)
  92. Gordon Weiss-It’s About Time (Gornpop)
  93. Vanilla-2.0 (Self-Released)
  94. Split Sofa-Thornby Park (Daisychain)
  95. The Flower Machine-Tangerines and Opium Trees (Self-Released)*
  96. Cameron Lew-Welp… (Self-Released)
  97. Dana Countryman-Pop 3! Welcome To My Time Warp! (Sterling Swan)
  98. Dot Dash-Earthquakes & Tidal Waves (The Beautiful Music)
  99. Pseudonym-Revolving Door (Trivial Pop Songs)
  100. The Sunchymes-Present… (Calliope)
  101. The Orange Peels-Begin The Begone (MLM)
  102. The Cool Whips-Goodies (Self-Released)
  103. The Ballantynes-Dark Drives, Life Signs (La-Ti-Da)
  104. The Allrightniks-Two Places At One Time (Grandin Road)
  105. Paul Starling-The Wild Wolf (Self-Released)
  106. Autos Detroit-Startup Completed (Self-Released)
  107. The Unswept-Today! (Draco)
  108. The Lilac Time-No Sad Songs (Tapete)
  109. The Piper Downs-Heartbreak’s A Disease (Couldn’t Get Signed)
  110. The Ace-Riot Of Sound (We Dig This)
  111. All Day Sucker-Denim Days (Big Wow)
  112. Kyle Vincent-Detour (SongTree)
  113. Lips & Sticks-Songs From The Shelf (Self-Released)
  114. Koes Barat-Koes Barat (Sub Pop)*
  115. Caddy-The Better End (Kool Kat)
  116. Larry O. Dean-Good Grief (Zenith Beast)
  117. Marston-The Invisible Girl (Self-Released)
  118. Brian Wilson-No Pier Pressure (Capitol)
  119. Steve Baskin-Dead Rock Star (Self-Released)
  120. Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms-Heart String Soul (Two Brains)
  121. Magic Bus-Transmission From Sogmore’s Garden (Self-Released)
  122. Ronnie D’addario-A Very Short Dream (Homburg)
  123. The Seasongs-Buscando El Sol (Self-Released)
  124. Suite 100-The Only Cure For Gravity (Self-Released)
  125. One Two Die Four-Another (Self-Released)