Help these artists: Richard X. Heyman, Fernando Perdomo

Richard X. Heyman “Incognito”

RXH has been busy with both his solo work and playing with The Doughboys. If anyone represents the DIY independent spirit of power pop and rock and roll – it’s Richard. His new album promises to be mostly guitar-driven melodic pop (yay!) with some keyboard flourishes thrown in for a good measure or two. Help fund his new album! Visit: Kickstarter

Fernando Perdomo “The Golden Hour”

Fernando heads down to the famous Ardent Studios in Memphis to make his third full-length album. He will be using original equipment that was used by the band Big Star to make their amazing records in the 70s.To make this album the best effort ever, he is hiring Zach Ziskin for mixing and mastering and getting a full contingent of string players at Ardent. Visit: GoFundMe