The Greek Theatre and The Cool Whips

The Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre “Broken Circle”

Sweden’s premier West Coast psych-pop outfit is back. If you can stay awake during the seven minute plus instrumental opener “Fat Apple (at About Noon)” you will be treated to the pastoral prog greatness that is “Paper Moon” with sweet laid back harmonies and finely textured melody. The slower “Broken Circle” is a folk influenced gem with layers of banjo, vocals, and bass.

Vocally its part Harpers Bizzare and part Beach Boys, as Sven Fröberg and Frederick Persson weave the songs together into a tapestry of many moods. The title track shreds like Eric Clapton playing on a Free Design album and its another highlight. Fans of prog and folk will enjoy this, but if you are looking to “rock out” I’d pick something else.

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The Cool Whips

The Cool Whips “Baddies”

Portland band, The Cool Whips play a very bubble gummy style of power pop. Mainly using guitar and Farfisa, they churn out songs in the late ’60s tradition and Baddies is a perfect companion to their 2014 album Goodies. The first track is the slow tempo “My Old Man is A Drag” and it’s a psychedelic teenage rant that’s actually timeless.

The bubble gum is quite sticky with “The Peppermint Tree” and “There Must Have Been Sugar In It,” like a lost 1910 Fruitgum Company track. Then they shift a bit with “Field of Flowers” and the lead vocalist sounds like Elvis Costello here, so it’s a nice change of pace. Other highlights include the bouncy “Time Will Tell” and “Inside Outside.” This band serves its niche well, so check it out.