Power Popaholic Top 30 for 2017

Another banner year for great music if you avoided the mainstream music press.  It’s pretty easy to guess my list based on the numbered reviews, and we did have two “tens” in the group this year. Other albums fell or rose in rank based on multiple listens after my review, a good example of this is Chris Price’s LP that just haunted me for weeks (despite the fact that few tunes are traditionally considered “power pop”). There were also more high-quality albums out there this year, so I expanded my list to 30. Here are the top power pop albums of 2017:

  1. Sitcom Neighbor “Shag”
  2. Derrick Anderson “A World Of My Own”
  3. Pugwash “Silverlake”
  4. Fastball “Step Into Light”
  5. Scott Gagner “Pins & Needles”
  6. Plasticsoul “Therapy”
  7. Wesley Fuller “Inner City Dream”
  8. Liam Gallagher “As You Were”
  9. Fernando Perdomo “The Golden Hour”
  10. The Wellingtons “End of The Summer”
  11. The Nines “Colour Radio (American Transistor)”
  12. Chris Price “Stop Talking”
  13. Bill DeMain “Transatlantic Romantic”
  14. Hornal ”The Game Begins with the Lights Out”
  15. Ruby Free “Shades”
  16. Greg Ieronimo “Never Leaving California”
  17. Burgess Meredith “A Dimension of Sound”
  18. Onesie “Leos Consume”
  19. The Relationship “Clara Obscura”
  20. Corin Ashley “Broken Biscuits”
  21. Cotton Mather “Wild Kingdom”
  22. The Blood Rush Hour “Who Folds First”
  23. Propeller “Don’t Ever Let This Let You Down”
  24. The Mylars “Melody Records”
  25. Cheap Trick “We’re All Alright!”
  26. Chris Lund “Great Event Syndrome”
  27. The Naturals “We Are The Naturals”
  28. The Galileo 7 “Tear Your Minds Wide Open!”
  29. Mothboxer ”The Secret Art of Saying Nothing”
  30. Captain Wilberforce “Black Sky Thinking”

Top EPs of 2017

  1. Cirrone “Kings For A Night” EP
  2. V-Sparks “New Sensation” EP
  3. The Red Button “Now It’s All This!”
  4. Stay “Always Here” EP
  5. TimeWhy?s “Autumn of Love” EP