Shake Some Action FREE song download

The band Shake Some Action is working on the new album “Sunny Days” for June release. In the meantime, they have a goodie for you powerpopaholics – a free track! Check out the video above to see the band hard at work.

Listen to “Looking for Someone”

And you can download the track directly from here. This sounds like it’s gonna be a great summer.

Danny Wilde "The Boyfriend" FREE album

Like the “Friends” theme, he’ll be there for you (fans). Get the first solo album of Danny Wilde, “The Boyfriend” for FREE from his website. Danny Wilde’s first solo album featured a lineup that looks very much like that of the first Rembrandts album-with Phil Solem on guitar and Pat Mastelotto on drums. But the sound of “The Boyfriend” isn’t quite what you may expect. This is a straight 1986 pop rock record. The first single, “Isn’t It Enough”, was a Top 20 rock radio hit, and would often be covered live by Martina McBride and appeared in Patty Smyth’s album “Never Enough”. Because Wilde jumped ship to Geffen Records shortly after the album’s release, The Boyfriend was never issued on CD and has been out of print for years.

Not only is the album available for FREE it’s been encoded at 320 kbps, which means it’s CD quality sound. Download it at Danny Wilde’s Website

The Charlatans and Not Lame FREE music

Thanks to XFM, The Charlatans “You Cross My Path” is available as a FREE download. Speaking to Xfm frontman Tim Burgess revealed “We always knew this album was gonna be given away for free, even before we started writing so we wanted to make it the best album we’ve ever made. This isn’t a case of left over tracks and b-sides, we wanted to give our fans a quality record.” And after listening to it, the album is pretty good: plenty of Brit-pop guitars and pounding beats – read the rest of the PR here. An extra thanks to TooPoppy blog for finding this.

The Not Lame Blog has also announced an albums worth of FREE music for download, as well. Bruce is calling it “The Official Not Lame Blog Soundtrack” and it’s got tracks from a big list of favorite artists like, Doug Powell, P. Hux, The Shazam, Bleu and many others. You can’t go wrong with this. The more people hear these artists the better it is for power pop.

The Salteens – FREE music downloads

Sometimes an artist will give the fans a freebie or two to keep their name at the top of your mind and get the word out. Bryan Scary’s website has free downloads for his new album too and it’s an excellent way for indie bands to help their PR efforts. The Salteens are a wonderful little pop group that has a few catchy singles, “Hallowed Ways” and “Sunnyside St.” you can download for FREE:

You can also be a true blue fan and sign up for two songs a month here.