The Not Lame Special FREE Music download

This is a great sampler of tracks from our friend Bruce at Not Lame Recordings. New songs from All Day Sucker, The Crash Moderns, Vibeke, Khalid Hanifi, Saul Zonana, The Model Rockets and Readymade Breakup. It’s only around till the end of October Check it out here!

Also get ready next month for International Pop Overthrow coming to New York City November 4th through the 10th this year. The venue this year will be at Kenny’s Castaways and the set list includes The Moptops, Steve Caraway, Readymade Breakup, Maple Mars, Private Jets, The Brixton Riot and The Romeo Flynns, just to name a few. It’s your one stop to see these fantastic new bands in one place.

"Sleepy Hollow" a RARE power pop nugget

I normally never do straight album downloads on this blog, but this is a rare exception. “Sleepy Hollow” is one of those rare and obscure records from 1972 that was released as a tax scam (see the interview link below) and never noticed by the public. The music is similar to classic sound of The Beatles, Badfinger, or The Hudson Brothers. I’m open to suggestions as to who the band actually is and if any information can be found about them. The only info on them is identified on The Acid Archives and that isn’t much: “So this album gets big points for nostalgia value; like Blue Ash, Badfinger, Zerfas, Anonymous, We All Together, Jade and so on, it gives comfort to people who wish the Beatles never broke up.” For power pop fans, it’s unearthed treasure. I also found the era of tax scam records fascinating. So enjoy this one.

Download Album | Aaron Milenski Interview about the “Tax Scam” era 

The Major Labels "Aquavia" FREE Download

Yes, the more the merrier. Spread the love of The Major Labels, a power pop supergroup made up of Mike Viola, Bleu and Ducky Carlisle. I’m not gonna say anymore, except you need to pass out 3 friends e-mails to get the album.

Shake Some Action FREE song download

The band Shake Some Action is working on the new album “Sunny Days” for June release. In the meantime, they have a goodie for you powerpopaholics – a free track! Check out the video above to see the band hard at work.

Listen to “Looking for Someone”

And you can download the track directly from here. This sounds like it’s gonna be a great summer.