Power Popaholic Fest 2016 review

This was a special Fest as this year we also were raising money for The Spirit of Harmony Foundation (Todd Rundgren‘s charity) and our second year at Bar Matchless after last year’s concert. The night was started with Oberon Rose playing selections from his upcoming album, great songs here and a few from the debut LP too. He was followed by Joe Caravella and The Reign, who rocked out a nice long set including covers of Badfinger and Beatles tunes — the band was tight and also played some new music thats due for release soon.

Unfortunately The Connection had an emergency and cancelled last minute, but Dave Rave came on and saved the day with his band, Haliee Rose and special guests Sal Medina (Milk and Cookies) and Dennis Diken (The Smithereens). They rocked the house as both Hailee and Dave have new albums on sale. The following night was started loudly by Meyerman as his new band shook the walls, followed by New Jersey favorites The Modulators promoting their new album “Try, Try, Try.” Then Boston native Ray Paul took to the stage and played selections from the soon to be released “Whimsicality.” We closed out the Fest with The Zombies of The Stratosphere who played a jangling set with some country overtones.

We were also able to make a donation to The Spirit of Harmony Foundation, giving a check to John Siegler and Kevion Ellman, both from Todd Rundgren’s Utopia. Thanks goes to The Odd Fellows Lodge #125 of Mineola for supplying the donation. Its great when you can support the arts and art education with one event. I had a great time and I know the bands had fun too.